UI Optical Measurement Services

Services Available

  • Measurement of pupillary distance (PD)
  • Measurement of temple length
  • Verification of the accuracy of the spectacle prescription when acquired
  • Adjustment of the spectacles when acquired

Ordering Glasses Online


  • Ability to order 24/7 from virtually anywhere
  • Only requirement is access to Internet
  • Spectacles shipped directly to home or office
  • Access to thousands of frames instead of limited local inventory
  • Incredibly low prices from some online vendors gives the overall perception of better value when purchased online versus a local optical dispensary.


  • Inability to try on frames
  • Inability to verify accuracy of the prescription before you receive it
  • Inability to accurately measure segment heights (if multifocal)
  • Inability to verify lens material
  • Inability to verify the authenticity of frame (versus counterfeit)
  • Inability to verify safety of the lenses (do they meet federal standards?)
  • Questionable return policies from some online vendors
  • Inability to determine legitimate from “questionable” Web sites
  • No personal frame adjustments
Fee: $20

For additional information call either of our two locations

UI Optical is not responsible for the fabrication, quality or fit of eyewear purchased through an online vendor. We will provide measurements to help aid in the ordering of online eyewear; verify that the prescription was fabricated correctly; and make any needed adjustments to the frame after purchasing to achieve the best fit possible for the frame acquired. UI Optical assumes no responsibility for any damage that might occur to a frame purchased elsewhere during the adjustment of the frame. All eyewear purchased online is done so at the purchaser’s own risk.