Executive Health Program

You'll spend a half day getting a health history and risk assessment, comprehensive physical examination, and the latest diagnostic tests from a team of physicians and health care professionals. This will help you stay productive and efficient despite your busy schedule.

Should any of your planned assessments state the need for a consultation with one of our medical specialists, we will make every effort to schedule this on the same day.

What Do Our Participants Say About Us?

You don't have to take our word for it, check out the survery data and their comments yourself:

Survey data showing all of the participants would recommend the program and return for a visit.
Executive Health Participant Survey

How To Schedule

Please contact us at least six to eight weeks in advance to schedule your executive health physical. To make an appointment, call 1-319-356-2828. To help us prepare for your visit, we will send you a medical questionnaire for you to complete and return before your appointment.

Kim Hagie, Program Coordinator
Kim Hagie, Program Coordinator

Working Directly With Our Program Coordinator

The Executive Health Program Coordinator not only coordinates your visit, they also personally escort you to and from all of your appointments throughout your day.

Contact: kimberly-hagie@uiowa.edu

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