How to sign up for our prescription delivery service

Our pharmacy is as close as your mailbox. Let us help you get your medicines sent to your home. To get delivery of your prescriptions, just follow these two easy steps:

NOTE: Some prescription plans do not allow mail delivery.

1. Have your prescription transferred to our pharmacy.

2. Let us know you’d like your prescription mailed.

  • You can use MyChart or call us at 1-319-384-6800.
  • With MyChart, go to your list of medications under the “Health” tab and on your prescription’s refill button click the “Refill by Mail” option.
  • If you prefer help from a team member, call the number on your UI prescription bottle or the number above and we will assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for this service?

This service is available to our patients at no cost.

How will my medicines arrive?

Most medications can be sent by regular mail delivery, which can take three business days to arrive. If you’re concerned with the timeline, please contact us. They are in packages that fit conveniently in most mailboxes.

What if my medication requires special handling?

For some medications—due to their cost or the special handling required—we will need a signature when they’re delivered. We will contact you before we send them to arrange a delivery date when you or a responsible adult will be available to sign for the package.