Refill Your Specialty Medications

Refills Made Easy

Our specialty pharmacy technicians will contact you, usually by phone, one week before your specialty medication prescription needs refilling. During that phone conversation, we will verify address information and work out a delivery time when a responsible adult can sign for the delivery of the medication at your home.

Our pharmacy technicians arrange refills of your specialty medication automatically.

Some of our patients prefer to stop by one of our pharmacies in Iowa City or Coralville to pick up their medication. In those cases, we will let you know when the medication is ready for pick up.

Should you have a need for an emergency refill, such as when the medication has been misplaced or when you might be traveling and need an alternate delivery, we can make those arrangements with you by phone.

Contacting your Specialty Pharmacy team

Our pharmacists and technicians will be contacting you on a regular basis, including times when your medication is scheduled for a refill. Each time your medications are ready to send, we will contact you to get correct delivery information.

You can contact us by: 

Phone: 1-319-384-6909 or toll free at 1-877-846-8574

MyChart: - Email sent by MyChart is secure and can be shared with all members of your care team, including your specialty pharmacists.

Consider the benefits of MyChart

We remind patients that refills also can be processed through MyChart, our on-line tool that provides patients with access to medical records, appointment schedules, and information about their medications. MyChart comes with a mobile app, making it easy to access your information on your tablet or smartphone wherever you are.

If you are a family member caring for someone who is taking specialty medications, the patient can give you permission to access their MyChart records to help monitor medication refills and other care details. Parents of small children being cared for with specialty medications have full access to their child's MyChart records.