Specialty Pharmacy Services

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Specialty Pharmacy Services from UI Health Care

A specialty pharmacist works closely with you to make sure you understand your medicines and that they are working for you. Usually specialty medications have a specific schedule to follow or must be stored and delivered in ways to increase their effectiveness. Sometimes the medications are expensive and require assistance to be sure they’re available to you. 

As part of your care team, our specialty pharmacists work closely with your doctor to be sure any concerns about your medications are shared with your entire team. The pharmacist will teach you how to take your medications and to help you monitor any side effects.

URAC accredited seal expiring 2022 Joint Commission seal of specialty pharmacy accreditation

Fully Accredited

UI Health Care Specialty Pharmacy Services is proud to be accredited by URAC and has Gold Seal Approval for specialty pharmacy from the Joint Commission.

Contacting Your Specialty Pharmacy Team

Our pharmacists and technicians will be contacting you on a regular basis, including times when your medication is scheduled for a refill. Each time your medications are ready to send, we will contact you to get correct delivery information.

You can contact us by: 

Phone: 1-319-384-6909 or toll free at 1-877-846-8574

MyChart: uihc.org/mychart - Email sent by MyChart is secure and can be shared with all members of your care team, including your specialty pharmacists.

Services You Can Rely On

Specialty pharmacists and technicians are key members of your care team. They will

Pharmacist with Patient

  • Meet with you at your clinic visit to explain your medications and answer any questions
  • Review all your medications to ensure the effectiveness of starting a new medication
  • Call you to see how you're doing and answer any new questions
  • Contact you a week before your medications need refilling
  • Answer your medication questions 24-hours a day
  • See that your reaction to the medicines are recorded in a timely way in your medical record and called to your doctor’s attention when necessary
  • Work with your health insurance provider and other resources to see that your medications are affordable
  • Use the same electronic medical record as your doctor so all of your records are in one place for other members of the care team to review
  • Provide free delivery service to your home and take care of emergency refills

How Your Specialty Pharmacy Prescriptions Get Filled

For patients who are already familiar with our services, consult our Refills Guide.

For patients new to our services, here are the steps we will follow.

Pharmacy tech on phone

  1. When the doctor prescribes your new medicine, often your specialty pharmacist will meet with you during the same clinic visit. We explain how the medicine works and answer any questions you have.
  2. Some medicines require a few days to be approved by your insurance. We take care of letting your insurance company know about the new prescription and see that it is approved. 
  3. We will deliver your medications right to your home or have them available for pick up.
  4. If there are questions or concerns as you begin taking the medicine, we’re available to help you by phone. Shortly after you have started the medication, we will check with you by phone to make sure you’re not having any serious side effects.
  5. We will check in with you periodically, as refills are needed and to double check that you’re adjusting OK to the medicine.

Helpful forms we may ask you to complete

Release of Information

A Consent to Release of Information Form 1989 is included on this website to print, fill out, and send back to us.

Authorization to Bill Insurance

The A&A - Authorization to Bill Insurance (Release of Information and Payment Request) form is found on this website to print, fill out, and send back to us.

Transfer your prescriptions to a UI Health Care pharmacy

Pharmacist helping patient

There are many benefits to having your prescriptions filled at our pharmacies. Use one simple online form to transfer your prescriptions. 

Why transfer?

  • UI Health Care doctors and pharmacists work from the same records, keeping you safe and making sure your medications are doing exactly what they’re intended to do.
  • You can refill or renew prescriptions online with MyChart or the MyChart app.
  • You can pick up your prescriptions at one of our convenient locations or get them by delivery.
  • You can receive expert advice from our pharmacists, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transfer your prescriptions today.