Ocular Prosthetics Service

Ocularist holding a prosthetic eye

In certain cases of traumatic eye injury, eye cancer, or other congenital conditions of the eye, it may be necessary to surgically remove the eye. In these instances, a custom-made prosthetic eye may be used to provide a person with a more natural appearance. Artificial eyes are matched in size and color to the remaining natural eye in such detail that it's often difficult for others to notice that a person is "wearing" an artificial eye.

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics offers an ocular prosthetics service for patients facing these circumstances. A certified ocularist skilled in the fabrication and fitting of artificial eyes is available to assist patients in need of a prosthetic eye. Our ocularist demonstrates how to handle and care for artificial eyes, and provides long-term care for patients through periodic examinations.

Creating a Prosthetic Eye

The process involves:

  1. Taking an impression of the eye socket
  2. Creating a mold around that impression
  3. Creating the acrylic prosthetic eye from that mold
  4. Painting and polishing the prosthetic
  5. Fine tuning it to make it look as close to the patient’s other eye as possible
  6. Final polishing

Care Team

Ocularist, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences