Family Medicine

Our family medicine team helps to protect your health and your family's health.

Who you and your family see for your routine care makes a big difference. Our family medicine practice offers you the convenience and quality of meeting your care needs as well as access to all specialty resources your care might require over the years. Our physicians are trained in the care of family members from birth through old age. They also provide pregnancy care and deliver babies.

Our family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are trained to keep you and your family healthy through routine examinations, immunizations, follow up care, and diagnosing routine problems.

We offer our primary care services in locations convenient for your busy life, throughout Johnson County and in neighboring counties as well.


Locations & Appointments

Family Medicine Clinic • UI Hospitals and Clinics • 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, IA • Appointments: 1-800-777-8442 

Family Medicine at IRL • UI Health Care-Iowa River Landing-East • 920 East Second Ave., Coalville, IA • Appointments: 319-467-2000

UI Health Care - Muscatine - 3465 Mulberry Avenue, Muscatine, IA • Appointments: 563-263-0339

UI Health Care - North Liberty - 3 Lions Drive, North Liberty, IA • Appointments: 319-467-5050

UI Health Care - River Crossing - 3056 River Crossing Court, Riverside, IA • Appointments: 319-467-8355

UI Health Care - Southeast Iowa City - 1130 Scott Boulevard, Iowa City, IA • Appointments: 319-467-6789