Pain Management Clinic

Pain can have a gripping effect on every part of our lives. Remedies for pain relief—medical and nonmedical—number in the thousands. Unfortunately, many people invest time and resources on measures that either do nothing or, in some cases, add to the pain problem.

Specialists in the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Pain Management Clinic are trained in chronic pain management.

Physicians who are board-certified in pain management care for chronic pain that results from injuries, certain diseases, and follow up from surgeries. In addition, they serve as consultants with other specialists, working with them to determine the best way to manage and alleviate painful conditions.

Our pain specialists advise patients to seek help early rather than put up with pain for long periods of time. Early intervention provides an opportunity to successfully manage the pain and prevent it from affecting your ability to function in all aspects of your life.

We work on a referral basis so that we can work closely with your referring physician for your ongoing care.

Patients are Referred to Pain Management When:

  • Pain is persistent
  • Pain is affecting patients' ability to function
  • Pain is affecting patients' lives

Majority of Our Cases Involve:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain following surgeries and other procedures

Why Choose Us?

We invite you to consider the advantages that set the UI Pain Management Clinic apart from other options in the region.

Expertise in pain management

You want an expert working on your side when it comes to managing your pain. For your pain, you want someone who is familiar with the broad spectrum of medications and treatments who will work with you to find the approach that best addresses your pain and leaves you healthy and fit to live life comfortably.

Proven pain management therapies

Our team members are familiar with the latest research on pain and are able to include new and innovative options in their practice. Your treatment options are quickly narrowed to those that have been clinically proven to be effective for your condition. Read more about our pain management therapy options.

Specialists in chronic pain

In addition to addressing overall chronic pain issues, our specialists have highly specialized interests in certain types of pain. Our experts are among a handful in the country providing reputable, evidence-based solutions for neuropathic pain, also known by the term, chronic pain syndrome (CPS). CPS is a collection of pain syndromes that may follow injury or illness that do not respond to medical care. This condition is managed best with a multidisciplinary approach, requiring specialized knowledge and collaboration.

Specialists in psychological therapy for chronic pain management

Stress usually accompanies a chronic painful condition and stress can contribute to further health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety. Our total approach to pain management addresses the psychological and emotional responses to pain and helps patients learn to cope with pain. The result is a lessening of the pain for both your mind and your body.

A Team Approach to Your Pain

You and your primary care provider are important members of the team that will treat your pain. Together we work with pharmacists, psychologists, physical therapists, and other physicians involved in your care. Being under a team’s care for pain management means

  • Your condition is carefully evaluated from all the information available.
  • We know that everyone’s pain is different, and we closely monitor your case so any changes can immediately be addressed.
  • Our team works with your insurance company to take care of the paperwork needed to get pain management care covered.
  • Our goal is to get your pain treated so you can go back to life’s regular activities.

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