Patient Information

What to Bring

In general, we would like patients to bring the following:

  • Current list of medications and their dosage, especially if you are new to our system.
  • Information related to your current endocrine problem, including copies of:
    • Laboratory tests
    • Pathology or cytology reports
    • Imaging study reports (such as a CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine scan)
    • Doctor’s notes including prior operative notes
    • Imaging tests either in the form of X-ray film, or on a CD.
    • Pathology or cytology slides, if a biopsy or surgery has been performed.

What to Expect

For your appointment with your endocrine surgeon, you will be seen by one of endocrine surgeons together with a resident or medical students. Together, we will review all of your information and we will discuss what treatment option may be right for you. We may perform an ultrasound in the clinic, or sometimes, even an ultrasound guided needle biopsy. If an operation is recommended, we will work with you on scheduling a surgery date.

How to Choose a Surgeon

If you are getting surgery at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, we will recommend a surgeon best suited for your needs. However, it may be helpful for you to understand what may make a surgeon better for you.

  • Studies on surgical procedures have shown that better outcomes are associated with higher surgeon and hospital volumes. This is likely the result not only the surgeons’ experience, but the also of the whole team of physicians, nurses, technicians, and other personnel involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Our surgeons are part of a team who work closely to assure the best outcome possible for the patient.
  • Endocrine surgery is a specialized branch of general surgery, and endocrine surgeons have obtained additional training (fellowship) and/or dedicate themselves to performing substantial numbers of endocrine (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas) surgeries.
  • Some head and neck (Otolaryngology) surgeons also dedicate their practices to operations on the thyroid and parathyroid glands and are experts in thyroid and parathyroid disease.