In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Donor Information

Donor Embryos

In situations when more than the desired number of eggs to be transferred fertilize, many couples opt to cryopreserve their non-transferred embryos for future transfers. For a variety of reasons couples may ultimately choose not to transfer their cryopreserved embryos. Our embryo donation program gives couples an alternative to discarding these embryos. Embryo donors are evaluated for psychological, medical, and genetic health and are tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Couples receiving anonymously donated embryos are prioritized based on need for donor gametes, previous childbearing, and previous infertility therapy.

Donor Sperm

The clinical staff at the UI for Advanced Reproductive Care will assist couples with preparation of the documents required for the purchase of anonymously donated sperm from a commercial sperm bank. Once the sperm arrives, the Andrology Laboratory will store the specimens in liquid nitrogen until the time of your procedure. Our program also will facilitate the testing and sperm cryopreservation for directed sperm donors.

Oocyte Donor

We have partnered with Alternative Reproductive Resources to help facilitate the processing of new donors. For questions regarding the requirements to be accepted into the program or to begin the initial screening, please contact:

Alternative Reproductive Resources
2000 North Racine, Suite 2181
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 1-773-327-7315

Once you have been selected by a couple, you may be able to do most appointments at our facility.

Sperm Donor

We do not currently have a sperm donation program.