Burn Treatment Center Care Team

The UI Burn Treatment Center team works to provide continuous and comprehensive patient care. With specialized training and expertise, the center's staff provides physical and emotional care for patients and their families.


The attending staff physician has primary responsibility for your care. Staff physicians, residents, a physician assistant, and other consulting physicians are responsible for coordinating all care provided.


Nursing care in the UI Burn Treatment Center is provided 24 hours a day by nurses with specialized education and expertise in the care of critically ill patients. They perform daily dressing changes, assist the patient with daily activities, monitor physical changes, provide emotional support, and complete patient teaching.

Nursing Care Coordinator

This professional is a navigator and works as the liaison between the medical/surgical teams, nursing, and other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists

Physical and occupational therapists carry out exercise programs with patients to increase physical abilities. Physical therapy and occupational therapy activities decrease complications such as scarring and joint contractions.

The activities/music therapy program provides services to children and adults during their hospitalization. Individual and group sessions focus on non-musical goals, addressing the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs of each patient.

Social Workers

A social worker and care coordinator meet with patients and families to discuss the emotional stress associated with illness. The social worker also helps patients and families locate necessary community resources, plan their return to home and work, and learn to apply for appropriate financial programs. A care coordinator works with physicians and social workers to coordinate all aspects of the patient's care.


A registered dietitian will assess each patient's nutritional needs and recommend an appropriate diet plan. The dietitian also will instruct patients and families about nutritional needs during the rehabilitation phase of burn injuries.

Child Life Therapists

UI Child Life Specialists help reduce the stress and anxiety many children experience in the hospital. They support the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics philosophy of family-centered care.

Child Life programs can reduce the stress and enhance the child's abilities to cope with their situation. Child Life Specialists help maintain normal living patterns and minimize psychological trauma. These specialists:

  • Supervise therapeutic and diversional play
  • Prepare children for and help children during medical procedures using education, rehearsal, and coping-skill development
  • Support families during hospitalizations or challenging events

Other Professionals

Other hospital professionals available to patients in the Burn Treatment Center include chaplains, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and patient representatives.