Burn Treatment Center Visitor Guidelines

Visiting Hours

Because care for burn injuries is unique, visiting hours will be arranged between the patient's nurse and family members. The number of visitors allowed in the patient's room depends upon the patient's condition. It may be helpful to note that most patients receive treatment for their injuries in the mornings and may not be ready for visitors until after 11 a.m.

A Patient Rest Period is scheduled each day from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitors aren't required to leave at this time but lights and other stimuli should be limited allowing the patient a peaceful environment to promote rest and healing.

Children may visit with permission from the nurse. It is important to understand that visiting times may be restricted when a patient is critically ill or during patient care procedures. Visiting is also limited during a patient's rest period.

New Guidelines Limiting Visitors

To protect the health of the patients and families we serve, UI Health Care is implementing visitor restrictions at all our inpatient and outpatient centers, effective immediately.

The health risks from cold and flu remains high, so limiting visitors to our hospitalized patients—as well as those who accompany outpatients to clinics and procedure visits—will keep patients safe while in our care.

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Burn Treatment Center Patient and Family Lounge

The Patient and Family Lounge is located just inside the front doors of the Burn Treatment Center. Family and friends should use this area to wait while a patient is being admitted. Physicians and nurses will provide updates about your family member's condition once admission procedures are completed. Visitors are advised not to spend the night in the lounge.

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics is a smoke-free environment. Smoking anywhere on the health care campus is strictly prohibited.

Infection Control

The Burn Treatment Center has strict isolation guidelines that the nursing staff will inform you about upon arrival at the unit. It is important to watch for signs outside of the patient's door to guide you in wearing the appropriate protective equipment when entering some rooms. The gowns, gloves and/or masks are to protect the patient and the visitors while in the hospital.

Visitors must wash their hands upon entering the Burn Treatment Center and when leaving a patient's room. Children and adults visiting the Burn Treatment Center must be free of active colds, infections, or diseases. Immunizations must also be up-to-date.

When holding children or having physical contact with patients, visitors should wear gowns and gloves (provided by the nursing staff) to protect patients from bacteria carried on clothing. Also, items from one patient's room cannot be taken into another patient's room.

It is requested that no food be stored in the patient's room, but it can be stored in a refrigerator in the unit's nourishment area. Fresh flowers, plants, and balloons are permitted in the patient rooms.


Pay phones are located in the Main Entrance Lobby. Each hospital room has a telephone for patient use. For questions regarding a patient's condition, please call the nursing station at 1-319-356-2496.

Personal Belongings

Valuables and other belongings should be taken home.


In order to respect the privacy of patients and their families, the Burn Treatment Center staff cannot answer questions about conditions of other patients. The UI Hospitals & Clinic’s philosophy of personalized care is explained by our UI Health Care Guiding Principles of Patient Care. Copies are available from your nursing unit or the Patient Representative Office.