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One of the biggest challenges with evidence-based practice (EBP) is the actual translation of knowledge, research, and clinical expertise into action. Failure to execute EBP well is rarely due to lack of information, understanding, or experience; rather, it comes down to lack of tools and resources for implementing EBP into care.

Evidence-Based Practice in Action is a unique application-oriented EBP resource that is organized based on the latest Iowa Model and can be used with any practice change. This practical, easy-to-use book directs healthcare leaders through the EBP process. The authors provide tools for topic selection, literature searches, critique of research and evidence reviews, implementation, sustaining change, and evaluation, plus more than 60 comprehensive strategies for implementing and sustaining EBP. Each chapter includes tips from experts to guide individuals and teams who make the important day-to-day decisions that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

This book received recognition as an American Journal of Nursing  2018 Book of the Year; awarded runner up in the nursing education/continuing education/professional development category.

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Companion Workbook to Evidence-Based Practice in Action

The evidence-based practice (EBP) process is full of challenging steps. A systematic EBP approach is needed to achieve desired quality care improvements. Evidence-Based Practice in Action is full of tools for application and this companion workbook was created to provide direct and easy access to those tools for busy clinicians. The 39 practical tools are arranged to follow the steps in the Iowa Model and are useful for any EBP process. If you know the process well and want to save time developing forms and tools to use, this is the book for you.

Please place your online order for Evidence-Based Practice in Action and the companion workbook through Nursing Knowledge International.  If you have questions about an institutional discount, please contact Dan from Sigma at

Evidence-Based Practice in Action Tools

Evidence-Based Practice in Action contains 39 practical tools, with tools for each step in the EBP process. These tools are freely available by requesting permission to use and/or reproduce them.


Cullen, L., Hanrahan, K., Farrington, M., DeBerg, J., Tucker, S., & Kleiber, C. (2018). Evidence-based practice in action: Comprehensive strategies, tools, and tips from the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Sigma Theta Tau International.

Figure 11.2 Evidence-Based Implementation Strategies for Sustainability

Please note this figure is incorrect in the book, Evidence-Based Practice in Action, page 339.

PDF iconCorrected Figure 11.2 Evidence-Based Implementation Strategies for Sustainability

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