Stories About Lives Touched by Transplants

Transplant Games 2016 Group
Patient athletes prepared to compete in the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games, which helps raise organ donation awareness by celebrating life, opportunity, and cooperation.

UI Hospitals & Clinics Patients Represent at the Transplant Games

Preparations Are Underway for the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games

Former University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center patients made their final preparations before heading to Cleveland for the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games, held by the Transplant Games of America.

In the Holiday Spirit: The Gift of Transplant

Local media found some unique holiday stories showing the life-changing power of a transplant made possible by a living organ donor.

Our 5,000th Transplant in the News

See what the media are saying about some of the patients who are part of our 5,000-transplant legacy.

Transplant Families in the News

Transplant Center Team Iowa Transplant Games
Members of Team Iowa enter the Transplant Games event during the parade of athletes.

Team Iowa participated in the 2014 Transplant Games held in Houston, Texas, in July. Their efforts at the Games made news in their hometowns:

Organ Donation

Two Mothers Joined "For Good"

The same song, "For Good" finds the stories of two mothers, two infant sons, and one beating heart.

Rising from Tragedy

A 10-year-old’s parents find comfort in knowing that his tragic death led to the enrichment of several lives because of his donated organs.

Kidney Recipients

Kidney donation gives Davenport man a second chance

A Davenport woman helps a friend in need with a kidney donation.

Waking up with a New Liver

Within four days, a serious disease attacked Emily Berg's liver, leaving her hours away from death. An emergency liver transplant was the only thing to save her.

Transplants Are Beautiful—Scars and All

College teacher Tonia Ellis learns a lesson common in her own classroom: positive body image, even after an organ transplant.

Jessica’s Transplant: A Story of Giving and Receiving

After donating one of her kidneys to her sister, Jessica Ferrato receives a new life herself through a donated kidney.

A Kidney from Dad

A video visit with hockey-playing dad, Travis Hamilton, recounts the story of hope that brought renewed life to his young son, Trae.

The "Dandy" Brotherhood

Lifelong friends have a new bond through the kidney one donated to the other, and they're never going to let each other live it down.

Liver Recipients

World's Tiniest Liver Recipient

At less than three weeks old, Kaylee Lindley received a transplanted portion of her father's liver. Miracles like these are part of the UI Organ Transplant Center's legacy.

New Liver Brings a Buoyancy to Life

While livers don’t necessarily make our body’s float, this man’s new liver has him buoyed him to the top of his sport as a competitive swimmer.

Heart Recipients

He's All Heart

It’s hard to imagine that Beckham was very, very sick when he was born. His heart was barely working and was unable to infuse his blood with life-giving oxygen.

Newborn Needed New Heart to Live

Well before his first birthday, Mason had a brand new heart. Doctors had him on the waiting list weeks before he was born.

Lung Recipients

Thankful to Be Breathing New Life

After being turned down for a lung transplant at two Minnesota transplant centers, Dennis Mack turned to the University of Iowa for new hope, new lungs, and a new life.

Extreme Makeover Includes New Lungs and Fixed Heart

Thanks to a dedicated team, Martha Carruthers is Iowa’s first patient ever to receive a lung transplant and a CABG at the same time.

Running Races with Ease

Running races is no longer a problem for April, whose lungs were badly damaged by cystic fibrosis.