Family Medicine

Doctor and baby

Our family medicine team helps protect you and your family's health. This family medicine clinic is one of several clinics in our area ready to serve your family's health care needs. We are committed to understanding you, your family, and all your health care needs so that we can deliver high-quality care centered around each member of your family.

We serve all ages, addressing needs ranging from prevention to routine care of illness and injury to maternity care and specialized care for the most complex diseases, injuries, and conditions.

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The planned service would connect you with your UI Health Care primary care provider for a quick on-line assessment of minor conditions that might not require an in-office visit.

We take a team approach to your health care, which means our team can include (depending on the clinic) faculty physicians, resident physicians, nurses, technologists, and support staff. Everyone works together to make your visit a positive one, with timely communication, minimal waiting, and the highest level of health care.

Watch our patient testimonial videos to learn more about our outstanding family health care.

A new baby means lots of exciting new decisions to make, and choosing a primary care providerfor your child is one of the most important decisions.

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