Oocyte identification

You will check in at the procedure suite. Staff will ask you your name and date of birth. Then they will put a wrist band on you. This must stay on your wrist the whole time.

Staff will do a “time out” before the oocyte retrieval. Your name, date of birth, and the procedure will be reviewed with you. This is done by the doctor(s), nurse, and certified nurse anesthetist. 

The nurse will give the IVF lab a copy of your consent for IVF. The embryologist for the oocyte retrieval will review and document the consent review on your lab worksheet. 

The nurse will tell the embryologist your name again, right before the first tube of follicular fluid is handed to the lab. 

The lab will give you a report of the number of oocytes retrieved. The doctor will talk with you about it.

Last reviewed: 
November 2021

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