The Iowa Difference for ECLS Care

Respiratory Therapist monitors patient's vitals behind rack of tubing.

UI Hospitals & Clinics provides a full spectrum of advanced extracorporeal support services for adults, children, and neonates. The Iowa ECMO program is one of a handful worldwide to earn Gold Status by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization.

The Iowa Difference for Providers

  • UI Hospitals & Clinics offers ECLS programs for neonates, pediatric, and adult patients.
  • Our dedicated ECMO teams are in-house 24/7. 
  • We offer a statewide ECMO transport service, where our team comes to your location to place the patient on ECMO and successfully transport the patient by ground or air to UI Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Our program supports both cardiac and respiratory failure patients.
  • We are home to the state's only comprehensive transplant center for adults and pediatric patients.
  • Our team of ECMO managing physicians is available for consult or referral 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • We regularly provide ECMO training for health care professionals.

The Iowa Difference for Patients

  • Our care includes the patient's family, too. Your part in understanding ECMO care is important, and we see that you are kept informed on all aspects of your loved one's care.
  • When patients are able, we promote movement exercises—on their feet or on an exercise bike—in order to maintain good body function for when they come off the ECMO treatment. These practices can help in overall healing and have shortened hospital stays.