Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers a comprehensive spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive services. Our plastic surgeons use cosmetic surgical principles to improve the overall appearance and optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures.

    Cosmetic Surgery and Services

    A full range of cosmetic surgery and services are available.

    Reconstructive Surgery

    Breast Reconstruction after Cancer Treatment

    Congenital Facial Deformities

    Facial Reconstruction

    • Facial Fractures, Wounds and Deformities
    • Skin Cancers and Moh’s Surgery Wounds

    Other Breast Procedures

    Pediatric Plastic Surgery

    • Congenital Nevi and Vascular Malformations

    Post-Bariatric Surgery

    Trunk and Lower Extremity Reconstruction

    Upper Extremity Reconstruction

    Care Team

    Administrative Staff

    • Robin Kiefer