Team-Based Care: Improving Our Focus On You

You may notice that we’ve started using a new way to care for you during your visit. It’s called team-based care, and it’s all about making sure that your primary care provider has the time and resources to give you the attention you deserve.

Studies have shown that people who see a primary care provider who uses a team-based approach enjoy better outcomes from their common health issues such as blood pressure, heart conditions, and diabetes.

How does team-based care improve your health care?

More time for your primary care provider to take care of you

The first difference you’ll notice in our new system is that a care team coordinator, or CTC, will be with you and your provider for your entire visit. Your CTC is a certified medical assistant or licensed practical nurse who assists your primary care provider during your entire visit.

Your CTC handles computer work, takes notes, makes phone calls, and does other necessary tasks during your visit. That makes it possible for your primary care provider to spend more time answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and taking care of you without distractions.

A whole team of health care professionals ready to serve you on the spot

You may not see all of them, but your care team includes many people—registered nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, case managers, diabetes educators, technicians, and other experts.

When your primary care provider needs to consult those experts about your care, your CTC can often get answers from them immediately, during your visit, instead of making you wait for a follow-up call later. If your primary care provider thinks you’d benefit from a visit with one of the professionals on your care team, your CTC can set up the appointment for you immediately.

It’s a quicker and more efficient way to get the expert help your primary care provider needs to take care of you during your visit.

Coordination of your care by people who know what you need

Your CTC will be with you from the start of your visit until you leave, taking care of all of your needs before and after your visit with your primary care provider.

That includes assisting with prescription refills, reviewing your record to remind you of immunizations or tests you’ll need, and helping you to make appointments if your primary care provider needs to see you again or refers you to a specialist.

If you have any questions about UI Health Care’s team-based care, feel free to ask your primary care provider or CTC for more information.