UI Sports Medicine Outreach

Our Outreach Program gives community organizations an easy way to take advantage of the expertise of our UI Sports Medicine staff and our modern, fully-equipped facilities.

We Work With Groups of Active Iowans of All Ages and Skill Levels, Including:

  • High school or college sports teams
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Sport-specific clinics and camps
  • Dance and fitness classes
  • Special events, such as:
    • Fun runs
    • Endurance competitions
    • Tournaments
    • Corporate challenges

Partner with the Best

The UI Sports Medicine staff works with elite athletes, weekend warriors, and average active people, young and old.

  • All of our primary care and orthopedic physicians have served specialized, year-long fellowships in sports medicine, beyond customary medical school and residency training.
  • Our athletic trainers and physical therapists are trained to specialize in the management of athletic injuries.
  • As faculty of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, our physicians engage in national and international research studies that keep us informed on the latest methods, therapies, and trends in sports medicine.

Choose the Services You Need

UI Sports Medicine Outreach Works With Your Group or Event to Provide:

  • Event coverage and athletic health care services
  • Educational programs
  • Health and safety consultation

We tailor our offerings to fit a wide variety of requests.

Examples of Our Services Include:

Expert Care

  • Full medical coverage for home and away interscholastic practices, events, and competitions
  • Fast-track clinic appointments and expedited referrals
  • Sports-related concussion management and baseline testing
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation programs
  • On-site body composition assessment and instruction for wrestling programs
  • Programming for female athletes, including prevention and screening programs for ACL injuries
  • Injury-prevention screening programs for throwers (youth, high school, and college baseball and softball)
  • Emergency plans and procedures for athletic health care

Educational Expertise

  • Sport-specific educational programs for coaches, parents, and student-athletes on topics such as injury prevention, first aid, conditioning, and performance enhancement
  • Community education in sports medicine topics, designed to meet the unique needs of any group, regardless of age or the type of activity

Our High School Outreach Partners

Highland High School

Jefferson High School

Kennedy High School

Regina Catholic High School

Our Regina Catholic High School medical team received the Safe Sports School Award from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Washington High School

Our Community Event Partners

Diamond Dreams Sports Academy

Red Zone Football Academy and Youth Football League

Acting as the health and safety advisory committee, we provide consulting on program development. We also provide coaching clinics on injury prevention and wellness, as well as athletic training and physical therapy services.

Iowa’s Pigman Triathlon

We deliver finish-line medical care for triathletes.

Jingle Cross Pro Cyclocross Race

We oversee all sports medicine services during this three-day competitive event for professional and amateur participants of all ages. Physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers team up to treat competitors who travel from around the world to participate in this annual Iowa City event.

Contact Us

For more information about UI Sports Medicine Outreach partnerships, contact Matt Doyle at 1-319-467-8255 or matthew-doyle@uiowa.edu.

Meet Our Athletic Trainers

Outreach Athletic Trainer
Kennedy High School Athletic Trainer
Jefferson High School Athletic Trainer
Regina High School Athletic Trainer
Outreach Athletic Trainer
Outreach Athletic Trainer
Washington High School Athletic Trainer
Highland High School Athletic Trainer
Outreach Athletic Trainer