Your Family's Role

The University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Burn Treatment Center staff understands this is a stressful time for family and close friends of patients and encourages them to ask questions. Family and visitors are also encouraged to take care of themselves by getting adequate rest and nutrition and leaving the hospital when possible. If there is any doubt whether someone should stay at the hospital, please consult the medical or nursing staff.

One family member or friend may have the option of staying in the hospital room with the patient as an "attendant." The attendant will assist the patient with daily routines such as feeding, exercise, and recreational activities. Attendant status is approved by the patient's nurse and is dependent upon the patient's needs and medical condition. If a patient requires an attendant, but it is not possible for the attendant to stay in the room, other arrangements can be made for housing within the hospital complex. Talk to a nurse, care coordinator, or social worker about availability and cost of hospital housing. Attendants needing shower and dressing rooms should ask for assistance at the UI Burn Treatment Center nursing station.

If you need lodging accommodations, the Concierge Service in the Main Entrance Lobby can provide a list of local hotels and motels. Your nurse, care coordinator, or social worker can provide lodging information.

Patient condition reports are given only to immediate family members. Families may consider posting patient updates on family Web sites so friends and family can have access to the most current information about the patient. Friends and family can also leave messages of care and support for the patient and family. UI Hospitals & Clinics offers a helpful service called Care Pages to help you create a personalized Web site for family and friends.