IVF first appointment

Your first visit will be scheduled after the IVF team receives the needed information. This visit may take hours. Both partners must be there. 

At your first visit: 

  • The care team will review your infertility records.
  • Our health psychologists will meet with you and your partner if you will be using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. They can also meet with any person who wants to explore emotional issues or have professional support during treatment. Let the care team know if you want to meet with the health psychologist. This needs to be scheduled before your visit. If you are seen at the Quad City or Jordan Creek clinic, this appointment will be scheduled at a later date. 
  • You will meet with an IVF nurse. They will talk with you about the IVF process.
  • You will meet with the IVF financial counselor. They will talk with you about fee schedules, insurance, and payments.
  • The first evaluation of people using their own eggs or intending to use donated eggs or embryos may include:
    • A health history and physical exam
    • Uterine sounding (measurement of the uterine cavity)
    • Blood tests if needed (and not done before visit) for STI’s, thyroid hormone screening, blood type, and immunity to Rubella and Varicella
    • Pelvic ultrasound
  • The partner providing sperm will be scheduled in the Andrology Lab. Read the “Evaluation of the Person Providing Sperm” section to learn more.

Testing often does not need to be repeated if already done. Ask to have those records faxed to us before your visit. If more testing is needed, the care team will talk with you at this visit or send a letter. 

After testing and other treatments are done, the care team will tell you when IVF can be started. If no testing is needed, you may be scheduled to start medicines for your first IVF cycle within 1 to 3 months. 

Scheduling of donor egg cycles will depend upon donor availability for fresh eggs or shipment of cryopreserved eggs.

Last reviewed: 
November 2021

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