Testing for viable pregnancy after in vitro fertilization

When can I test for pregnancy after IVF?

Approximately 10 days after the embryo transfer, women are scheduled for a pregnancy test. This is a blood test that can be drawn at a UI Health Care location or a lab near your home.

Positive pregnancy test after IVF

With a positive pregnancy test, supplemental hormones may need to be continued through 10 weeks of gestation. You will be informed about the stop date for hormonal supplementation by your in vitro fertilization (IVF) care team.

Negative pregnancy test after IVF

With a negative pregnancy test, we will look at each case individually to decide on the next steps.

Our IVF care team holds a confidential team meeting weekly to discuss patients who have had negative pregnancy test results. The purpose of this weekly meeting is to better understand each unique situation and plan for future treatments.

You will receive a letter detailing the results of this discussion prior to your next treatment. We may advise a clinic visit to discuss the past cycle and make future treatment plans. Patients tend to find this visit helpful, but it is often not required in order to move forward.

Last reviewed: 
February 2018

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