Neonate Criteria for ECMO

Common Neonatal Diagnoses/Indications

  • Oxygenation Index > 40 for >4 hours

    Relative Contraindications

    • Oxygenation Index: Mean airway P x FiO2 x 100 ÷ Post ductal PaO2
      • Oxygenation Index >20 with lack of improvement despite prolonged (>24h) maximal medical therapy or persistent episodes of decompensation
      • Severe hypoxic respiratory failure with acute decompensation (PaO2 <40) unresponsive to intervention.
      • Progressive respiratory failure and/or pulmonary hypertension with evidence of right ventricular dysfunction or continued high inotropic requirement
      • Lethal chromosomal disorder (Trisomy 13 and 18)
      • Irreversible brain damage
      • Grade III or greater ICH
      • Irreversible organ damage (unless considered for organ transplant),
      •  <1.6 Kg birth weight
      • <34 weeks post-menstrual age because of the increased incidence of increased intracranial hemorrhage.
      • Disease states with a high probability of a poor prognosis
      • Ventilation with 100% oxygen for >/= 14 days
      • Lower grade ICH