Neurogenetic Counseling

The neurogenetics service provides comprehensive neurologic evaluation, genetic counseling, genetic testing, and management for genetic conditions affecting the nervous system.

Genetic counselors are professionals with specific education, training, and experience in accurately interpreting the complexities of genetics in human health and disease. Part of their role includes helping patients and their families understand the role genetics may play in the risk, prevention, and development of a disease.

Genetic counselors at University of Iowa Health Care advocate for the patient's informed choice regarding their health care. Genetic counseling, however, does not equal genetic testing – not all patients may wish or choose to undergo genetic testing.

Neurogenetic counseling provides a consultation with a certified genetic counselor including evaluation of a three-generation family history, risk assessment, education, facilitation of genetic testing, interpretation of genetic testing results, and help with communicating results to family members. 

Neurogenetic counselors see patients with genetic conditions affecting the nervous system or patients with a family history of a genetic conditions affecting the nervous system. These include, but are not limited to:

What is a Genetic Counselor?

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