Stroke Quality and Safety

Carotid Procedures

Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) and carotid stent (CAS) are proceudres to remove a blockage in the blood vessels leading to your brain. 

During calendar year 2018:

  • 13 patients received carotid endarterectomies
  • 39 patients received carotid stents

Mortality rate

Mortality rate is the statistical measure of the number of people who die.

During 2018 calendar year 2018:

  • The mortality and stroke rate (strokes within 30 days of procedure) for asymptomatic carotid procedures at UI Hospitals & Clinics was 0 percent.

IV Alteplase Treatment

IV alteplase is a medication used to treat eligible ischemic stroke patients.  

During calendar year 2018:

  • 100 percent of eligible patients at UI Hospitals & Clinics were treated with IV alteplase
  • 95 percent of eligible patients at other U.S. comprehensive stroke centers were treated with IV alteplase