Pharmacist meeting with patients

UI Health Care pharmacies are not currently included in the White House’s N95 mask distribution partnership with pharmacies across the nation, such as Walgreens and CVS. At this time, we have not received masks, and we do not have N95 masks available for the community at any of our UI Health Care pharmacy locations.

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UI Pharmacy Benefits

Our outpatient pharmacies are the equivalent of a retail pharmacy but with enhanced services and highly trained personnel, familiar with your medical care. Save yourself a trip and get your prescription filled right where you receive your care. 

The Quality You Expect

Our clinical pharmacists are part of your care team, working with your doctor and reviewing your medical record directly. That ensures your prescriptions are filled safely and accurately.

We’re Convenient, Too

When you finish your care at UI Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City, North Dodge in Iowa City, Iowa River Landing in Coralville, or River Crossing in Riverside, you can fill your prescription before you leave and save yourself another stop.

If you’re being discharged from a hospital stay, ask about our Meds to Beds program. For many hospital rooms, we can have prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for home use delivered right to your room before you leave.

Medicines Delivered to You for Free

When you get a prescription filled at one of our pharmacies, we can deliver your refills to you at no extra cost. Here's how to sign up.

Refills Are a Snap

When it’s time for a refill, you can go online to MyChart and have your refill ready to pick up at one of our pharmacies or delivered to your home. You can also use your phone to refill your prescription.

When you’ve gone through all your refills and it’s time to renew a prescription, you can use your secure MyChart email to request a renewal, directly from your physician and pharmacist.

Your Pharmacy Information is Secure

Our pharmacists are available at any time to privately discuss your medications with you and to help make sure you’re getting the most from your prescription. Just call any of our pharmacies or send us a secure message with MyChart.

Financial Support for Medications Is Available

Our team can help answer your questions about insurance and payments.

We process your medication needs through your health insurance to see that you’re getting the most from your prescription coverage.

Our pharmacists and social workers can help connect you with our Medication Assistance Center to make sure you can afford the medicine you need. We can help qualified patients and their families acquire medications through patient assistance programs.

Our Programs Can Address Your Needs

We help you get the most from your medication therapy through services like these:

  • Our Specialty Pharmacy Services help monitor your use of medications that require special handling. Read more about the services our specialty pharmacists and technicians provide for you at no extra cost.

Please Take Your Medication as Directed

You are a key part of your care. Your medication treats your condition and won’t be helpful if it’s not being taken correctly or not used at all.

The benefit you get from this medication is based on the right amount reaching your body at the right time. Because we want you to get the most out of your medication, we ask you to follow the directions on your prescription.

Please call us if there are any questions or concerns about your medication. Let us assist if you’re having trouble with

  • Side effects that concern you

We will work with your provider to address your concerns.

If You Don’t Understand Your Insurance Coverage for Medications

One of the services that sets UI Health Care Pharmacy Services apart from other pharmacies is our assistance when it comes to your insurance coverage.

  • We will talk to your insurance company if they require more information prior to filling your prescription.
  • We review your coverage to explain what is paid by your insurer and what may need to be paid by you.
  • We review your benefits and look at all possible options to help with the cost of expensive medications.

If you have questions about the cost of your medications and your insurance coverage, contact us directly by phone at 1-319-353-7516.

Shop for Non-Prescription Items

We have a wide assortment of over-the-counter items to purchase at low prices that may surprise you. University of Iowa employees are eligible for a discount. Just check with the pharmacy staff.

Our Location

Notice: Temporary Pharmacy Closure

The Lower Level Pomerantz Family Pavilion pharmacy is temporarily closed. Prescriptions can be available at one of our other locations. We also offer free shipping to your home through MyChart or by calling 1-319-384-6800.

You can’t miss our pharmacies right at the main entrances of UI Hospitals & Clinics, UI Health Care–Iowa River Landing, UI Health Care–North Dodge, and UI Health Care–Riverside. In addition, we have pharmacies located throughout UI Hospitals & Clinics and UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Here’s a map of where you’ll find us.

Pharmacy locations and closures map

Note: Our Lower Level Pomerantz Family Pavilion Pharmacy is temporarily closed. Please use the Level 2 Pomerantz Family Pavilion Pharmacy.

  1. Ambulatory Surgery Center (Level 4)
  2. Cancer Center (Level 2)
  3. Discharge Pharmacy (Level 1)
  4. General Hospital (Level 1)
  5. Pomerantz Family Pavilion (Level 2 and Lower Level)
  6. Specialty Pharmacy Services (Level 2)
  7. UI Stead Family Children's Hospital (Level 2)

Transfer your prescriptions to a UI Health Care pharmacy

Pharmacist helping patient

There are many benefits to having your prescriptions filled at our pharmacies. Use one simple online form to transfer your prescriptions. 

Why transfer?

  • UI Health Care doctors and pharmacists work from the same records, keeping you safe and making sure your medications are doing exactly what they’re intended to do.
  • You can refill or renew prescriptions online with MyChart or the MyChart app.
  • You can pick up your prescriptions at one of our convenient locations or get them by delivery.
  • You can receive expert advice from our pharmacists, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transfer your prescriptions today.