In Vitro Fertilization

The UI Center for Advanced Reproductive Care's in vitro fertilization (IVF) program was established in 1987. The Center is recognized as an innovative, international leader with the ability to culture and select embryos most likely to lead to a pregnancy. This has resulted in fewer multiple births while maintaining exceptional pregnancy rates.

  • We are Iowa's first IVF program, which has led to more than 4,000 deliveries.
  • We are recognized as a national leader for elective single embryo transfers, which contribute to health and safety of mother and child.
  • We have a delivery rate consistently above 50 percent per oocyte retrieval for women under age 35 for the past five years.

Additional Resources

While we have seen many changes in methods used to diagnose and treat infertility, the financial, emotional, and ethical decisions that must be made before a couple attempts to overcome their infertility through IVF remain the same. Please read through these additional resources to get a better understanding of the IVF process at the UI Center for Advanced Reproductive Care.

Our health care professionals are dedicated to helping couples work through the personal and emotional issues that are encountered before, during, and after treatment. The combination of experience and expertise offered at the Center provides couples with a caring and ethical delivery of assisted reproductive services.

Care Team