Interventional Cardiology

Living with a heart condition can have a big impact on every part of your life. Many of the leading-edge treatments offered by the University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center interventional cardiology team can help you feel better right away.

Our experts have special training and years of experience in diagnosing and treating heart disease using minimally invasive techniques.

Instead of opening your chest, they use tiny catheters threaded through your blood vessels to your heart. These types of procedures are called cardiac catheterization. Their advantages over surgery include fewer complications, less pain, and faster recovery time.

We offer procedures you won’t find anywhere else, including the most advanced treatments for heart valve disease and other conditions. And the research that happens here is constantly improving the variety and effectiveness of treatment options available to you.

Expertise and experience unmatched in Iowa

Choosing where to get heart care is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. When you choose the UI Heart and Vascular Center, you’re choosing the largest, most experienced team in the state:

  • We perform more interventional cardiology procedures than any other center in Iowa.
  • We perform the widest range of minimally invasive procedures, from valve replacement to angioplasty to repairing holes in the heart.
  • Smaller medical centers send their most challenging cases to our team. That’s because only highly trained, experienced teams like ours can manage complex cases successfully. If you’ve been told there are no options for treating your heart condition, contact us.

Groundbreaking research that advances the field

UI Heart and Vascular Center interventional cardiologists are experts in patient care. They’re also researchers who are helping to develop and test the next generation of treatments.

Our team—and their patients—participated in these key clinical trials:

The interventional cardiology field is constantly evolving, with new technology introduced all the time. Because we’re an academic medical center, you’ll have access to the very latest heart therapies that may not be available at a community hospital.

A team, focused on you

The UI Heart and Vascular Center team works together closely. In addition to interventional cardiologists, your care team will include:

When you come here for treatment, you’ll receive a complete evaluation, including sophisticated testing. After you’re tested, your team meets to make a care plan that’s tailored to your unique needs. They collaborate on putting your plan into action, choosing the treatments that will be most effective for you.

Interventional cardiology tests and treatments:

Interventional cardiology conditions treated:

Need an interventional cardiologist?

If your doctor has referred you for an interventional cardiology consultation, we'll connect you with an expert in the field.

Nationally recognized leaders in interventional cardiology

The UI Heart and Vascular Center was the first in the nation to earn the Joint Commission’s Disease-Specific Care Certification for cardiac valve repair and replacement. Our aortic aneurysm program is also certified by the Joint Commission.

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