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You'll benefit from a regional leader in diagnosis and treatment of all types of heart and vascular conditions.

Heart Care Outreach Clinics

The UI Heart and Vascular Center has 15 clinic locations throughout eastern Iowa and Western Illinois that provide access to world-class heart care in your community.

Heart and Vascular Patient Stories

The extraordinary staff members at UI Heart and Vascular Center care for thousands of patients each year. Life-saving and life-changing care often moves patients to tell their stories for the benefit of others like them. We invite you to share in these stories.

Heart Care for Women

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the nation and in Iowa. At UI Heart and Vascular Center, we work with our patients to influence risk factors through lifestyle changes and medications.

Latest News

  • When you think of the number one killer of women what do you think? Breast cancer was probably one of the first things to pop into your head but that is actually wrong. Heart disease is actually the number one killer of women and the Go Red campaign aims to bring more attention to this misconception.