The University of Iowa Department of Urology provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment in the clinic setting as well as surgical interventions for all adult urologic and male reproductive system diseases and disorders including:

While most conditions can be controlled or cured, certain symptoms can affect the way you live your life.

Talking about urologic conditions can sometimes be uncomfortable. Our physicians and nurses understand the reluctance some people feel about seeking help. A consultation can help you understand your symptoms, which can be the first step to treatment.

We offer selected adult and pediatric urology services at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics - Iowa River Landing. Located at the Coralville interchange on Interstate 80 (exit 242), UI Hospitals & Clinics - Iowa River Landing offers patients easy access, free parking, several amenities, and a state-of-the-art building for delivering outstanding patient care.

Urologic Procedures


A prostatectomy removes the prostate. A robotic prostatectomy is performed using the da Vinci® Surgical System. Six incisions, the length of a dime, are made in the patient’s abdomen. Instruments are inserted through the incisions and the surgeon controls the robotic arms from a console in the operating room.

Potential benefits of using the da Vinci® Surgical Robotics system in prostate surgery include:

  • Less postoperative pain
  • Less procedural blood loss
  • A lower risk of wound infection
  • Less scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Greater potential for nerve preservation to maintain erective function
  • Greater potential for postoperative urinary continence


A robotic pyeloplasty corrects the malformation of the junction between the ureter and the kidney known as the renal pelvis. This procedure removes and repairs the obstruction, which, if not corrected would cause irreversible damage to the kidneys. UI physicians use the da Vinci® robotic surgical system to provide better outcomes for their patients.

Urology Volunteer Research Registry

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All of our urology physicians are fellowship-trained surgeons specializing in focused areas of urologic diseases and conditions.

In 2019-20, U.S. News & World Report listed our urology services as "high-performing"

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