Our staff provides full medical and surgical services, from general dermatology care to specialty services, to patients with skin diseases.

We use the latest techniques to care for a range of conditions affecting the skin. We also work closely with you to take precautions against skin cancer, infections, dry skin and the aging effects of sun exposure.

Our services include treatment of cosmetic skin problems such as age spots and birthmarks and the removal of unwanted hair and tattoos. We offer chemical peels, Botox injections and dermal fillers.

Our skin health clinics include:

Why Choose Us?

The University of Iowa is unique within the state for the breadth and depth of its skin health services. Experts from the Department of Dermatology, many of whom are conducting leading-edge research in the field, offer world-class care to patients with skin disorders from acne to cancer. In addition, the UI is an important gateway for patients interested in participating in clinical trials.

Health Topics

UI Health Care offers you additional information these select skin health topics:

Latest News

  • Swimming in the pool, attending a ballgame, or just sitting on your outdoor patio are all enjoyable summer activities. But without appropriate application of sunscreen or other forms of sun protection, you may find yourself walking away with a sunburn.
  • The doctor will (virtually) see you now: Telehealth is being used to various degrees in every department within University of Iowa Health Care—and many providers hope it continues past the COVID-19 pandemic.