Before a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty

Preoperative tests

Before your surgery you will have preoperative testing. Blood work, EKG (heart tracing), or a chest X-ray may be needed. If any of these tests are needed they will be scheduled for you and will be done during pre-testing when you meet with anesthesia or the internal medicine doctor. If more testing is needed it will be scheduled by the pretesting staff.

Your surgeon also may order tests, such as an MRI or CT scan of the shoulder, to look at the rotator cuff tendons and bone of the socket to decide if you can have a reverse shoulder replacement and to help with surgical planning.

Specific instructions

You will be given a special soap and instructions that should be used before your surgery.

Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery. You may need to take some of your medicines. Take them with a sip of water only. The anesthesia staff will talk with you about this at the time of your pre-testing.

Last reviewed: 
October 2018

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