Knee Replacement

Replacing the Knee Joint

In a total knee replacement procedure, damaged or diseased parts of the knee joint are surgically removed and replaced with artificial parts.

Total knee replacement has included various surgical techniques, such as medial parapatellar, midvastus, and subvastus. Materials used include plastic, metal, and ceramic, with various device designs.

Where You Go First Matters

UI Health Care’s orthopedic knee surgeons are fellowship-trained, with expertise in all current knee replacement techniques. They’re fully qualified to advise you on all of your options, including:

  • Partial knee replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Revision total knee replacement for infection care or to correct a failed replacement

Our team considers each diagnosis individually. This personalized approach to treatment means each knee replacement procedure is tailored to the patient, using the least-invasive incisions possible and the best devices and materials available.

The University of Iowa Difference

Physicians across Iowa send their most complex knee replacement cases to the experts at UI Health Care. That’s because all of our orthopedic knee surgery specialists are fellowship-trained. They’re also active in academic research studies of knee replacement surgery outcomes and the design of new knee replacement devices, which means they’re constantly informed about the latest successes in knee replacement.

Our knee surgery team offers top-tier, patient-centered, goal-oriented care, including:

  • Detailed education and preparation for patients before the procedure
  • The most effective surgical techniques 
  • The latest surgical technology, including the ROSA Knee System, which uses advanced robotics to analyze a patient's knee and assist the surgeon during the procedure, providing precise guidance for the most accurate surgery
  • Post-operative care that emphasizes the quickest return to an active lifestyle

Our expertise in knee replacement has earned Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Distinction Center+ designation.

We partner with regional and national agencies to compare our performances to our peers, and publicly report our patient outcomes to provide you with the opportunity to compare University of Iowa Health Care Knee Replacement with other health care organizations. 

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