Nursing Rewards

Your Commitment to Nursing

Many factors brought you to nursing. We trust the rewarding experiences awaiting you here will bring your nursing practice to UI Hospitals & Clinics.

The Iowa Difference: Career Reward

We invite you to chat with our nurses and ask them about what makes working here rewarding to them. The variety and conviction of their answers may surprise you.

  • “The opportunity to lead”
  • “Being part of a real multi-disciplinary team”
  • “Working with a mentor”
  • “Mastering state-of-the-art technology”
  • “Going back for a degree”
  • “Being part of potentially life-saving clinical research”
  • “Working with physician leaders in the field”
  • “Providing for my family”
  • “Being recognized for my abilities”
  • “Making a real difference in my patients’ lives”