Nursing Research

Our nurses have many opportunities to engage in systematic investigation to develop, test, and evaluate all aspects of the nursing enterprise.

These research studies have been designed and led by University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics nursing staff.

  • Pain assessment methods for a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Implicit weight bias among women’s health clinicians
  • Cognitive work of phone triage nurses during COVID-19
  • Refining a model of Implementation Strategies for Evidence-Based Practice
  • Women Veterans’ access to comprehensive reproductive health care
  • Cognitive work associated with evidence-based pain management
  • Understanding pain management in oncology with a systems framework
  • Development and testing of a computer application to support provider decision-making and parent distraction with pediatric IV insertions
  • Evaluation of a new children's hospital environment of care: family, healthcare staff and quality outcomes
  • The experience of parents during their child's resuscitation and exploration of parental stress and family functioning after the event
  • Using ECG WaveForm to predict PICC tip location in pediatric patients
  • The impact of the Voalte One communication device on falls with injuries rates and nurse and patient satisfaction
  • Pain in the PICU: a retrospective chart review
  • Development and psychometric testing of the neonatal growth measurement survey
  • Stressors and anxiety responses of hospitalized adolescents with chronic illness and their parents
  • Sustaining EBP for fall prevention in hospitalized oncology patients

Nursing Research Internship

Through innovative opportunities like the Research Internship, nurses develop a clinically relevant research study for their clinical area. This promotes generation of research findings to improve nursing practice, patient quality, and safety. These are examples of nurse-led studies through the Internship.

  • The relationships among adherence to lymphedema precaution behaviors and the development of lymphedema among breast cancer surgery survivors
  • Motivational interviewing (MI) knowledge and skills of inpatient nurses following a structured MI training program focused on engaging patients in fall prevention
  • Safety of milk and molasses enemas administered for constipation that has not successfully been resolved with standard treatment options
  • The effect of continuous lateral rotation therapy on skin integrity
  • Testing two pressure devices to prevent skin integrity after pediatric cardiac catheterizations