Top of License for Nurses

Top of License is a term in nursing that a lot of institutions give talk about, but few live it. UI Hospitals & Clinics does.

Put simply, top of license means:

  • placing the right provider
  • with the right skill set
  • in the right setting
  • to provide the right level of care.

When members of the full health care team work in this top-of-license way, everyone’s education and skills are used to their fullest extent. The results for our patients are higher quality of care, increased safety, and improved outcomes.

The Iowa Difference: Top of License

As a large academic medical center, we address our patient care with full teams of staff addressing all aspects of our patients’ needs.

Our aim is to keep your patient-care efforts focused on providing nursing care and not cleaning rooms and equipment or stocking supplies.

The result, we’ve found, is our nurses find the prospect of using their expertise at the highest levels to be the most rewarding aspect of their work.