Geriatric Medicine

The Geriatric Health Assessment Clinic offers a team approach to the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of older adults. Team members include nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and social workers who specialize in geriatric care with a focus on health promotion along with prevention and treatment of disease as well as disability in later life. In 2019-20 our geriatric care was cited as high performing by U.S. News & World Report.

Members of the Assessment Team Meet With Each Patient and Caregiver to Discuss:

  • Daily functioning
  • Diet
  • Health history
  • Medications
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Social support and resources
  • Specific patient or caregiver concerns

Some patients come to the clinic for a single consultation while others may return for follow-up visits or continuing care.

Patients Receive:

  • Information about support services and long-term care
  • Laboratory tests (as needed)
  • Preventive health and wellness suggestions
  • Referrals to specialists or community services (as needed)
  • Suggestions for treatments, medication, nutrition, activities and resources to meet each person's needs
  • Thorough physical examination

Patients Should Bring the Following to Their First Appointment:

  • Insurance information
  • Medical records from their referring physician
  • Medications they are currently taking

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