Work Injury Recovery Center (WIRC)

Workers’ compensation care coordination

You want your injured employees feeling better and back on the job as soon as possible. You also want your workers’ compensation cases handled as efficiently as possible.

University of Iowa Health Care Work Injury Recovery Center provides you and your employees with a value-based team approach to workers’ comp cases.

We understand your goal is optimal care with minimal lost time from work. We’re ready to meet your needs for expert, timely, and reliable care for your employees. 

WIRC delivers speedy access to UI Health Care specialty providers with reliable, prompt communications to case managers, insurers, attorneys, and employers.

WIRC provides expedited, world-class workers’ compensation care for your employees, including:

  • Prompt consultation for acute injuries
  • Specialist consultation for complex cases
  • Expedited scheduling of necessary imaging, testing, and procedures, including same day CT and MRI imaging studies
  • Prompt surgical intervention when needed
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation programs for evaluation and treatment

Our services include a multidisciplinary panel of specialists to review complex cases. If the patient has had previous surgery for the injury, a history of prolonged failed conservative treatment, or prior consultation or treatment by another surgeon, our multidisciplinary panel reviews the case, makes treatment recommendations, and generates a report.

WIRC partners with these specialists for treatment:

We document each case in detail, keeping you informed every step of the way. Then we close the case, so you avoid costly, long-term hits to productivity.

Partner with WIRC

From start to finish, WIRC offers your business efficiency, experience, and reliable outcomes.

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Timely access to one of the nation’s most respected multispecialty care centers

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics offers the most complete multispecialty health services in Iowa, including:

  • Physicians who are also academic researchers, up to date on the most advanced techniques in the field
  • Same-day appointments whenever possible
  • Expedited scheduling of imaging, procedures, and surgical treatments.
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialists to review complex cases and makes treatment recommendations

Experienced staff and open lines of communication

We are dedicated to helping you manage all the details and complexities of workers’ compensation administration efficiently, with:

  • Complete review of patient health history
  • Pre-authorization of all tests and procedures and prompt communication to you and your team
  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation services, including Independent Medical Exams

Reliable outcomes and proven results

Not all on-the-job injuries or conditions are alike. Complications, prior treatment history, and recovery time make each case different. With our medical and administrative expertise, WIRC is uniquely qualified to provide:

  • Patient-centered care and service your employees deserve
  • Diagnosis and treatment recommendations you can trust
  • Prompt, reliable case resolution, eliminating lingering or unanswered questions that grow more costly over time

Your employees will appreciate our MyChart service. MyChart lets UI Hospitals & Clinics patients keep track of appointments, test results, medications, and more using a web browser or the MyChart smartphone app.

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