Sperm identification

Andrology staff will ask to see ID if your partner is providing a semen sample the day of oocyte retrieval. Photo ID is best. It will be matched to the IVF requisition received from the clinic.

A specimen container and the lid will be labeled with the partner’s name, date of birth, and medical record. After the sample is collected, your partner will sign a statement on the lab record that they gave the sample.

Each test tube used for sperm preparation for IVF is labeled with the unique colored tape, the IVF case number, and the partner’s name. If donor sperm is used, it is labeled with the patient’s name. Sperm preparation is done by 1 technologist. Only 1 specimen is in a processing hood or centrifuge at a time. 

The inseminate ID, lab worksheet, and IVF requisition will be reviewed by the embryologist. Then they will sign the inseminate out of the andrology lab and take it to the IVF lab. 

Last reviewed: 
November 2021

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