Donations through the UI Center for Advancement

The UI Center for Advancement is the preferred channel for private contributions to all areas of UI Health Care. Center staff members work with alumni and friends to generate funds for scholarships, professorships, facilities improvements, equipment purchases, research, and other UI initiatives.

In-Kind Donations

While you can make the greatest impact through monetary donations, you may also donate items for our patients and families. To protect safety, health and privacy, we have restrictions on the types of donations we are able to accept.

Ways to Give to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital

The ability to offer the best possible care for our pediatric patients and their families in a welcoming environment is due, in part, to our generous supporters.

Donating Blood, Tissues, Organs, and Bodies

We rely on the generosity of donors to assure an adequate supply of blood and plasma for our patients. Organ and tissue donations can be used for transplants to offer new hope for patients with certain diseases. Our Deeded Body Program allows generous individuals to donate their bodies for teaching and research purposes.

Donating Time as a Volunteer

Every year more than 1,200 volunteers assist our professional staff with making patients and their families comfortable during their visits. Volunteers range in age from 16 to well past retirement age. They do some amazing things, from cuddling newborns to providing furry friends for comfort to offering encouragement during procedures.