UI Health Care Pre-Employment Health Screening Instructions

Welcome to University of Iowa Health Care

Congratulations on your new position!

The next step in the hiring process is to make an appointment for your required pre-employment health screening at the University Employee Health Clinic. Do this as soon as you can to start your employment process. 

Nurse preparing to give patient an immunization.

Follow these Pre-Employment Health Screening Instructions

Step 1: Make a ReadySet account:

  • Go to the ReadySet login page.
  • Click “New User?” and follow the instructions.
    • Organizational four-digit code: 2147
    • Program Type: New Health Screening
    • Population Type: New Hire
  • Do your health surveys.

Step 2: Set up your pre-employment health screening at the University Employee Health Clinic

  • Call 1-319-356-3631, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Your screening appointment will cover these items:
    • Your immunization status and health information will be reviewed.
    • You will have a tuberculosis (TB) screening.
    • Your vision may be tested (color vision screening).
    • If your job needs respirator use, a respirator fit test will be done.

Step 3: Submit your immunization and health screening records

  • Please send your records before your appointment.
  • Options will be discussed with new employees who do not meet the requirements below during the health screening visit. All UEHC services are offered free of charge to employees.
  • Tips on how to find your immunization records include:
    • Ask parents or other caregivers if they have records of your childhood immunizations.
    • Check with your high school and/or college health services for dates of any immunizations. Keep in mind that often records are kept only for one to two years after students leave the system.
    • Check with previous employers (as well as the military) that may have required immunizations.
    • Check with your doctor or public health clinic. Please note that if you get your healthcare at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, UEHC does not have access to your personal medical records.
    • Consult your local immunization registry. All states and some cities have centralized registries of vaccines given by local providers. A registry may not have all ages or all records, but this still can be a great place to check. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a listing of registry contacts and websites.

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirements

If you have had previous negative TB screening results

UEHC requires two tuberculin TB skin tests. The second one must be administered and read at University Employee Health Clinic.

As an alternative to the first TB skin test requirement, we will accept one of these forms of documentation sent to us by email:

  • One negative TB skin test in the past 12 months
  • Two negative TB skin tests any time in the past

Note: If in the past three months you have had a blood assay for TB (IGRA, T-Spot, QuantiFERON) you will need no further TB testing during your initial health screening process.

If none of these first-test alternatives apply, please have your first test administered and read at University Employee Health Clinic.

If you have had a previous positive TB screening result

Please send us by e-mail one of the following:

  • Documentation of the positive skin test plus additional testing (blood test, x-ray, etc.)
  • A blood assay for TB (IGRA, T-Spot, QuantiFERON) done in the past three months
  • A chest x-ray stating the need for the exam is a positive TB skin test/history of positive TB skin test and treatment information

In the absence of acceptable documentation of a previous positive TB screening result, a skin test will be placed.

Immunization Requirements and Documentation

We require the following information as proof of your immunization for these diseases.

Varicella (Chicken Pox) Immunity, Proof Of:

  • Two doses of vaccine; or
  • Positive blood test (IgG) showing immunity; or
  • Diagnosis of shingles (herpes zoster) or chickenpox (varicella) by health care provider

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Immunity, Proof Of:

  • Two doses of vaccine given after 1967; or
  • Positive blood test (IgG) showing immunity

Pertussis, Proof Of:

Tdap vaccine

Hepatitis B, Proof Of:

  • Hepatitis B three-dose vaccination series; or
  • Positive blood test showing immunity (hepatitis B surface antibody); or
  • History of positive disease (hepatitis B surface antigen)

Influenza, Proof Of:

Vaccine from current season