Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission

Hospital Square

Simply stated, our mission is: Changing Medicine. Changing Lives.

Through our commitment to innovation, interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration, diversity, quality, safety and service, University of Iowa Health Care:

  • Educates the next generation of physicians and health care providers
  • Provides world-class accessible and equitable medical care and expertise to patients, families, and communities
  • Seeks knowledge and discoveries that advance biomedical science, leading to improved treatments, enhanced prevention strategies, and reduced health disparities that lead to better quality health and health care
  • Fosters care, research, and education collaborations with health systems and providers across Iowa and the region in service to rural and underserved communities
  • Advocates for and facilitates changes that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care, education, research, and the health of Iowa and beyond

Our Vision

To be a destination academic health system for Iowa and the world that provides an equitable, inclusive and innovative environment, and fosters the health and well-being of patients, trainees, and employees.


“WE CARE” Values



We strive for an environment where everyone has a voice that is heard; that promotes the dignity of our patients, trainees, and employees; and allows all to thrive in their health, work, research, and education.



We aim to achieve and deliver our personal and collective best in the pursuit of quality and accessible health care, education, and research.



We encourage collaboration with health care systems, providers, and communities across Iowa and the region, as well as within our UI community. We believe teamwork—guided by compassion—is the best way to work.



We behave ethically, act with fairness and integrity, take responsibility for our own actions, and respond when errors in behavior or judgment occur.



We are committed to ensuring that UI Health Care is an inclusive environment where individuals from the full spectrum of diversity—which includes identity, backgrounds, cultures, ability, and perspective—feel safe, seen, and valued.



We dedicate ourselves to equity and fairness in research, health care, education, and health.