Mentor Program

UIHC Volunteers 3

What does a mentor do?

Mentors are expected to help model behavior for new volunteers and help them to improve the patient and family experience. This leadership position is a fantastic addition to a resume, an important stepping stone to becoming an SLB member, and highlights skills that employers and graduate programs are looking for in their applicants! Being a mentor also allows you to gain networking experience while engaging in a more involved leadership opportunity at the only academic medical center in the State of Iowa. Mentors on the units should be the liaison between the unit SLB, volunteers, and unit staff. During this one-semester commitment, Mentors will be expected to assist in the training of new volunteers at the beginning of each semester, check in with their mentored volunteers periodically, assist the SLB with unit tasks, bring suggestions or issues to the SLB, as well as other undefined tasks.

How do I become a mentor?

Mentors are a leadership position that current volunteers are able to apply for after one semester of volunteering on a unit; the Mentor must have volunteered on the unit they wish to mentor. Decisions will be made based on an application turned into your SLB, performance as a volunteer on the unit, as well as input from the Staff Volunteer Supervisor. Please remember that you must be a current volunteer on your unit and have at least 1 semester of experience before applying. Contact your SLB member to determine application deadlines or additional requirements.