UI Hospitals and Clinics Leadership

Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean, Carver College of Medicine
Chief Executive Officer – UI Hospitals and Clinics
Senior Associate Director
Interim Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
Interim Associate Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Assistant Director
Associate Director
Senior Assistant Director
Executive Director PeriOp Services
Associate Director and Chief Pharmacy Officer
Co-Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Director, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital
Assistant Director, Support Services
Assistant Director, Clinical Care Services
Assistant Director (Vacant)
Executive Director Capital Management
Associate CMO / Chief Quality Officer
Associate CQO / Chief Quality Officer – UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital
Associate CMO / Director, Surgical Quality and Safety
Associate CMO / Director, Adult Inpatient
Administrative Chief of Staff
Chief Medical Information Officer
Health Policy
Marketing and Communications