Financial Counseling Services

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If your insurance plan is not accepted at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, or if you do not have insurance, or are a self-pay patient, a financial counselor can meet with you prior to scheduling your appointment.

Your Financial Counselor Will:

  1. Prepare a good faith estimated cost of services for you.
    • Estimates may not represent the full scope of charges that you actually incur.
  2. Request a deposit for estimated cost of the services.
    • If the deposit turns out to be more than your final bill, you will be refunded once the insurance balance has been settled. If there was no insurance involved, we will refund your money once all charges have been totaled.
  3. Discuss whether you are eligible for government assistance, financial assistance, payment options, and financial guidelines.

clipart calculatorTo request an estimate or speak to a Financial Counselor:
Call: 1-319-384-6275  
Toll free: 1-866-452-8506,
Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Patient estimates

UI Health Care believes that generating an estimate using the guest estimate feature or through your MyChart account will provide a better value in understanding your potential out-of-pocket expenses.

Have a MyChart account? You should use it to get your patient estimate. If you're interested in getting a MyChart account, please sign up.

If you don't have a MyChart account, you can still get a patient estimate online using our guest portal.

Estimate Disclaimer:

Reach out to your insurance provider directly for specific coverage and benefit information, including your financial responsibility, as it is the insurance company that determines whether a service is covered and what your specific patient responsibility will be.

You have the right to initiate a patient-provider dispute resolution if the actual billed charges are substantially in excess of the expected charges included in this good faith estimate. Initiating a patient-provider dispute resolution will not adversely affect the quality of health care services furnished. To initiate a dispute, please review our contact information below.

This good faith estimate is not a contract and does not require the patient to obtain the items or services from any of the providers or facilities identified in the good faith estimate.

Why costs may vary:

  • If the services you receive vary from the services selected during the estimation process.
  • The location of where your services are received. For example, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics main campus and UI Health Care–Iowa River Landing versus a physician office clinic such as University of Iowa Community Clinics, UI QuickCare or UI Urgent Care.
  • If your year-to-date benefit information such as deductible, coinsurance and out of pocket maximum changes between the time you receive this estimate and the time at which you receive your care. 
  • If University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics’s contract with your insurance carrier changes.
  • If your insurance carrier is not contracted with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.