How to Prepare for a Visit

We want you to be prepared for the tests or procedures you'll be having as part of an outpatient visit or for the treatment you'll be receiving as a hospitalized patient.

Your Medications

Because your care givers want a complete picture of what's going on with you, it is important to provide a list of medications that you're currently taking. Some clinics will ask that you bring all of your current medication and vitamin containers to your visit so that correct drug types and doses can be determined. Usually these instructions will be given to you prior to your visit.

How-to Guides from Your Health Care Team

Many procedures will have a set of do's and don'ts leading up to the time you arrive. These might be things like "Don't eat any solid food 12 hours before your procedure" or "Don't take aspirin for a week before your surgery." You should receive a set of directions listing all these preparations. If not, it's best to contact us to confirm your pre-visit instructions.

Bring a Friend or Family Member

Our doctors perform many clinic procedures that once required overnight hospital stays. We are managing your procedures and your pain in such a way that you can safely be on your way home the same day. We do insist that you be accompanied by a responsible adult who can see that you are safely transported home or to a nearby hotel and who can help you follow your after-care instructions.

Arrange for an Interpreter or Translator

Communication between you and your care team is very important. We offer translation services in many languages to help you during your appointment. To request services or information please call 319-356-1967.

Check on Insurance Coverage

Be familiar with the terms of your health insurance plan in order to anticipate coverages and out-of-pocket payments.