Patient Relations Specialists

Stock image patient and specialist

Have a compliment, concern, or complaint about your care experience at UI Health Care?

Our patient relations specialists are here to make sure any concerns related to your care experience are heard and addressed.

We work directly with patients and members of their care team like doctors, nurses and other support staff, in effort to respond to and resolve any care concerns and complaints that you may have. We are also here to share any positive feedback about your care team you would like us to pass on.

How it works

Examples of what our patient relations specialists work with patients and families to help address:

Policy questions
Patient rights inquiries
Compliments or complaints

Our team of patient relations specialists are assigned to support patients across the different areas of UI Health Care. Patients and families who contact our team with a concern are directed to the appropriate specialist, who will then work with you as a point of contact from start to end.

We work with patients and families in many ways, including providing answers to their questions and helping to resolve concerns. We assist by phone, email, and even in-person/at the bedside.

Going above and beyond

We keep and track all feedback we receive from our patients and families. As we find trends in concerns, we notify hospital leaders and colleagues like those in the patient experience coaching program. These steps make sure actions can be taken that will help improve care for others that may otherwise similar situations in the future.

We also provide a survey to patients after a visit or discharge from UI Health Care. These surveys allow us to collect even more information that we use to improve the overall patient experience. Should you receive a survey after your visit, please complete it to let us know how we did.