Contacting Your Health Care Team

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You are an important member of your care team. We encourage you to ask questions and to make certain you understand the information being shared with you by your care givers. They too will rely on good information coming from you about your condition.

Many Options

Physicians who practice at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics choose among several options to confer with their patients following a hospital or clinic visit. For example, some will invite patients to call or e-mail them directly. Others will ask that patients direct their questions and feedback through a nurse or other team member. Other specialists will convey your care instructions to your designated primary-care physician for follow up questions and feedback. Please check with your caregiver to find out the preferred way to keep in contact.

Your Health Care Team

UI Hospitals & Clinics provides a wide range of clinical services. Your particular condition may draw on the expertise and care of several health care professionals available. Here are brief descriptions of those who might participate in your care.

Consider Using MyChart

We recommend you consider subscribing to MyChart, a program that allows you to access your medical records securely on-line. You'll find MyChart to be a convenient way to track your appointments, contact members of your care team, and renew your prescriptions. You'll receive MyChart registration information as part of your clinic or hospital discharge instructions.